About Us

Financially Yours Advisory Services is a comprehensive financial planning firm started by Donna Lea in 2003 and incorporated in 2009.  Financial planning is a very personal and technical process.  As such, PERSONABLE, RELIABLE, and COMPETENT are huge values of the firm. 

Our mission statement reflects that our clients are the motivation behind what we do.  We strive to run a meaningful practice in the form of knowing, caring, and growing with them.  We serve our clients with a pro-active approach and we desire to change lives through our work.

While we operate at a high level, we are also very down to earth.  Clients sometimes share very personal aspects of their lives with us, and we are reminded that we are all people.  We are all trying to live our best lives on Earth, doing the best with what we’ve been given.  Don’t be surprised if we give you a hug! 

We currently partner with Osaic Wealth, Inc. as our broker dealer.  The main role of a broker dealer is to enforce compliance in the securities industry.

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